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RES Specialise in the City Based Commercial Sector providing completely independent advice providing security for your employees, assets, and property.

With unparalleled expertise in all areas of Electronic Specialist Security, we provide a professional, discreet integrated security solution using the latest technologies available.

By working closely with our Facility Managers over the years we fully understand just what is needed to keep your staff, premises, assets and intellectual property safe and secure and we ensure that our security products are both future proofed and function seamlessly to the highest possible standards so that you can manage your buildings with this added peace of mind.

Rather uniquely with RES, our clients are never forced into selecting from a tiered range of products which may well result in unnecessary expenditure right from the outset. With our systems, there will be no need to have disruptive upgrades to achieve more results. Our systems are all level inclusive from installation.

We believe that all of our new systems should have a working life span of at least 15 years (Access Control) and 10 years (HD CCTV). This very long-term planning strategy has always been important for RES as future proofing has always been part of our overall design of any security system.


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